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Oct 28, 2022

Moses obeyed God’s call, but life didn’t get any easier…in fact it got worse. Doing the right thing doesn’t mean it will go smoothly, but we can trust that God will be with us. He has a plan and it’s a good one!

Oct 21, 2022

Moses didn’t believe that he could fufill God's call. He didn't feel confident with his public speaking skills or in his persuasive abilities – but God gave him what he needed to do the job. We can trust that God will do the same for us.

Oct 14, 2022

Do you have a good boat story? Memories of fishing with grandpa or summer canoeing bring thoughts of peace…but there are other kinds of boat rides that fall into a more perilous category. Baby Moses was all alone as he drifted down the river…or was he?

Oct 7, 2022

When Joseph was a teenager his 10 older brothers outnumbered him and nearly killed him. Years later the tables turned. Joseph had wealth and power, his brothers didn’t even have enough food to survive. As they groveled at his feet, Joseph had a choice – revenge or forgiveness.